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Tim is more than just the head engineer, owner and founder of Living Sound Studio. Since receiving his first guitar at the age of six, Tim has had a ‘hands on’ involvement with the world of music. Tim started his own studio over 20 years ago, and since then he has been driven by a passion to help others express themselves and achieve their goals through music. Tim’s involvement with talent at both the local and national level has given him a keen insight into what it takes to make audio sound work – both in the studio and in whatever medium it is to be delivered to the public.

Tim has worked with advertising agencies and individual clients to make sure they achieve their marketing goals. Some of the national / regional accounts are Culver’s, Sonic, Pella and Vermeer. His work on the Buy A House Now © campaign received an Addie award.

In addition to in house studio work Tim has taken his skills and equipment on site to many company sales meetings and other events to ensure the final result was just what the client needed.

Reliability, flexibility, and high standards are what have made Tim and Living Sound studio the choice for those who recognize those traits in others.