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Video for the Web

Potential customers are looking for you on the web! Use video to show the full range of your products or services. Satisfied clients can share testimonials and convince new customers that what your company offers is right for them.  Interviews can be done easily on location or in our own studio.

Ways to Incorporate Video 

Company Introduction – a short video can quickly explain what you do, and what sets you above the rest

Customer Testimonials – Your satisfied  customers are your best sales force;  let them grow your business

Online Help desk – How to fill out that order form, submit specifications for parts and special orders

Training, Education and Safety – Create it once, use it as many times as needed, never miss or forget a point again

Orientation & Recruiting – The owner of the company can welcome new and potential employees

Company Updates & Meetings – Beat the grapevine! Share critical information correctly and efficiently

Green Screen Capture – ... to the Moon! We can design whatever you think up and put it in the background.

On Site Large Screen Magnification – Be a rock star at your next full-company meeting (or at least be seen and heard)

Video & Graphic capture and reformatting – Pictures, videotape, whatever; we can capture it an get it to work

Live-On Site capture – From company meetings to live demonstrations – no problem

Legal Depositions – We’ll let you decide what to say here

Tv Ads – Obviously...







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