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Why a Jingle?

  • Your brain simply LOVES jingles! Seriously, the human brain recognizes a musical

     phrase with up to 400 times the recall of a simple spoken phrase.

  • We recognize our favorite songs playing in a noisy background, but can’t hear the

    announcement over the PA in the same room.

  • We recognize a familiar TV commercial from another room in the house, but have

    no idea what television program is on.

  • We are born with this ability through the Wernicke section of our brain, a part of our

    brain that instantly processes tone and pitch.  (This is the section that enables a

    new-born to immediately recognize its mother’s voice). 

  • Language on the other hand takes years to learn and is never processed as easily

    as musical notes. 

Your brain simply loves jingles!

  Why Living Sound?

  Living Sound takes full advantage of the Wernicke section of the brain, by creating musical

  hooks designed to get inside your head and stay there. Living Sound works to make

  jingles and hooks that are simple enough to recall instantly, while unique enough to sound

  like no other.

  Living Sound has developed a wide variety of successful, creative concepts, for virtually

  every application imaginable. From corporate music beds and presentations to movie

  scoring, radio to TV jingles and everything in between. 

  We will be happy to work with you to create a free demo jingle for your business!







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